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Baritone Kevin Wetzel as the villain Scarpia was appropriately snarly, rendering his character with a threatening viscerality that I think it’s still haunting some of the public in the first rows.




Performing the cycle was baritone Kevin Wetzel, who is busy with opera work nationwide and elsewhere, no doubt for his strong and straightforwardly pleasing voice and clearly effective stage manner. Wetzel’s voice lacks any “tics” or potentially controversial distinctions, and his virtually flawless technique includes a nice, clean reach up to the high range without the sensation of knocking over small objects…


Thus he made the most with his strong baritone of the final, optimistic-sounding image as almost a rejoinder to the earlier question, but an answer suffused with ongoing effort and struggle.




The final “tour de force” of the concert was Baritone Kevin Wetzel... Mr. Wetzel and Mme. Danchenko-Stern achieved what was no doubt the epitome of perfection in their performance. The final selection... brought the audience to their feet with applause."




As Tarquinius, baritone Kevin Wetzel held the stage from his entrance when he happened to smash a plaster bust representing his character's father and his own callow world-view. He sang this ungrateful part with intensity and raw vitality.




Kevin Wetzel takes the basso role of Don Alfonso. Not only is his voice perfect for the role, but this man is an actor! His movement—each shrug, each gesture, each step—is lovely. He is a remarkably graceful and physically precise actor. I’d wager that were we to ink the soles of his shoes on opening night, his every step in subsequent performances would fall exactly in those inky tracks. And yet so natural!


Parterre –


"Kevin Wetzel an imposing figure and a purposeful actor, sang Tarquinius in a luxurious and exciting baritone, attractive and determined. He had thought the character through, and showed us the flawed and brutal thinking behind the arrogant acts, and committing them did not undermine his vocalism."



Observer --


Kevin Wetzel ... prowled the stage like a beast of prey while nonchalantly tossing off angular vocal lines in a firm, refined baritone.





The baritone Kevin Wetzel brings a robust voice and menacing fervor to his performance as the lascivious, bullying Tarquinius.